Our DTR coaching programme is entirely separate from Innovation consultancy. Innovation is about ideas and creativity that leads on to newer concepts. Comparatively, DTR coaching is about mind positivity, strength and empowerment than mind control. You may have heard of life coaching as an umbrella of coaching. Here I mention three interconnected specialisms abbreviated DTR coming from my extensive experience. DTR coaching is a blend of advanced coaching, applied psychology, management and education. The results of DTR coaching are empowerment, confidence, enthusiasm that potentially leads towards resilience. This sparks the passion and confidence for innovation as a big bonus; it also equates in sharing my knowledge and expertise. You may want to be fast coached before embarking on my innovation consultancy. You may just want my focused consultancy without DTR.  The choice is yours!


To empower and boost greater vision, talent, creativity and self-realisation for all qualified adults in either the DTR coaching or innovation programme.  


A personalised ​DTR or Innovation programme comprising of:

  • A performance led life changing service for adult coachees including early/mid stage innovators

  • High standards of ethics and respect

  • Non directive assistance towards coachees achieving their goals and attaining their highest vision

  • Directive assistance towards for innovators in providing beneficial support and guidance

  • Up to date knowledge, research guidance, professional advice and resource management for innovators

  • CPD and investment towards R&D in coaching, innovation and education 


Coaching Synopsis

To have structure in personalised and Socratic questioning of my coachees, the following coaching resources are provided: 

  • Develop Affinity Worksheet (Transitional & Developmental)


  • Develop Affinity Worksheet (Relationship)


  • Goal Worksheet (All three Specialisms)


  • Core Belief's Worksheet (Developmental & Relationship)

  • Authentic Confidence Worksheet (All Three Specialisms)


  • Behavioural Refinement Worksheet (Developmental & Relationship)


  • Assets & Attributes Worksheet (Transitional & Developmental)


  • Mindfulness Worksheet (All three Specialisms)

Full reviews included with a more comprehensive one for Compo Coaching

Innovation Synopsis

To implement structure and confidence in planning and executing innovation from early proof of concept. Socratic questioning in understanding the current phenomenon and challenges ahead is encouraged.  The Innovation consultancy synopsis as part of a directive are:

  • Effectively reviewing literature towards enhancing or developing your expertise. 

  • Best diagrammatic representation in expanding ideas e.g. Spider, Venn diagrams, Quadrant charts and linear time charts. 

  • Making effective innovative statements (problem or hypothetical statements). 

  • Technical drawing for devices and product concepts. Flow diagrams for strategy.

  • Implementation of Metrology and Statistical analysis.

  • Design of experiments or design of technical test trials by matrix chart systems. 

  • Comprehensive innovation schema categorising the existing problem, challenge, alternative factors, USP, resources and target market.

  • Format and implementation of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for new state of art.

  • Understanding patents (Design and Product).

  • Adaptation of the 6 Coloured Hat's Concept in revolutionary thinking (Edward De Bono PhD).

  • Examples provided in provoking intellectual discussion and reasoning.  

Comprehensive follow up reviews included. 

Hours of work

Mon-Fri. 08:00-19:00hrs

Saturday. 09:00-20:00hrs

Open on Bank holidays!

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