Why Developmental, Transitional or Relationship  Coaching?

No matter how kind, ambitious, knowledgeable and intelligent you are, we all encounter situations in life that requires a new outlook. We never discuss individual life challenges with a highly positive and goal driven mindset in somewhat detail with our family, friends or even colleagues. Hence an honest, mature, empathetic and knowledgeable coach is strongly recommended. Dedicated and focused constructive discussions eventually leads to you getting better within. DTR observes from a perspective in which you are totally unaware of. DTR gives the best positive light for an optimised revival towards significant breakthroughs.

There remains a need for:

  • Refreshing, stimulating and confident outlook.

  • Balance between individualism and collectivism. 

  • Awareness of our sophistication to endeavours and suppression of fears of cumulative setbacks.

  • Goal driven mindset and leads to greater passions and delight to high consistency. 

  • Upgrading self esteem, self realisation, self worth and self knowledge. 

DTR is specific to your needs and well interconnected. The tools to Innovation is a bonus as mentioned later on this page.    

You! the professional realises and applies your potential in achieving your goals towards higher endeavours. Boosting your talents, up-skilling, knowing your true self worth or seeking a promotion in your career are examples. The overall gist is to achieve higher than before with Atul's invaluable assistance.

You! the professional wants to transition to a new career, perhaps explore new skills, research further your interest area or be your own boss. The transiting process without Atul's invaluable assistance can be lacking focused will power; nevertheless you'll be able to face your challenges effectively.

Our third specialism of DTR coaching. You may want to improve or strengthen relationship bonds. This could be with colleagues, family members or your other half. Normally our private life is segregated from our professional life. However, our private life has moulded our personality and interests. Our professional life relates to our talents. Atul will assist you with professional or personal relationship matters. 

DTR Coaching is now well understood. Our innovation consultancy fully supports your creative journey. Coming from a strong inter-disciplinary background, Atul will be able to assist with your specialised innovation project.  A strong directive approach will permit you to innovate your product, strategy or technological  solution enthusiastically. A non disclosure agreement is assigned and respected. 


Helpful questions: Have you done any specialist product or strategic process review? Do you have a plausible solution that can solve a common problem? Do you know about method validation? Do you know the difference between design patents and state of art patents? How far are you into your project? Even if you have instinctively said YES to all my questions, you are still welcome to seek my invaluable, stimulating and focused guidance. Early and mid stage innovators are supported. Dr Nayak at your service! 

What fundamental pre-requisites are required?

Ideally, you MUST be:

  • An adult (Minimum 18 years old).

  • Minimum Further Education level qualified  (above KS5 level).

  • Self improver seeking essential honing and guidance.

  • Technically & analytically minded (Early/Mid stage innovation only).

  • Strategically & analytically minded (Early/Mid stage innovation only).

Follow my 5 easy steps

1) Choose two coaching OR Innovation specialism

 2) A twenty minute free trial using video chat is available

3) Complete your  LBQ or INQ

4) No obligation, full DTR or Innovation consultancy

5)  Reviews for DTR or Innovation consultancy ensues

You may directly get in touch if you have any questions!

Hours of work

Mon-Fri. 08:00-19:00hrs

Saturday. 09:00-20:00hrs

Open on Bank holidays!

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