Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical premises? What are your working hours?

I have a corresponding address for all post. I choose not to have physical premises at the moment. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, my services continue online at my home office in Harold Wood, Essex. Unfortunately, the Ilford Hub business workspace remains closed until further notice. 

My working hours are also called On Call hours. I'm on call from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 7 pm. Also Saturday 9 am till 8 pm. I do work on UK bank holidays.

Your coaching and combined innovation consultancy must be a dream job?

Coaching including Consultancy is one of the best engaging careers in the world. I've worked on several technical and research projects in my long spanning career. My behind the scenes work comprises of research, CPD, networking, marketing, data management, business planning and accounts. There is no such thing as an easy career as long as you enjoy the challenge and apply your expertise. 

Why are your fees high?

Everyone loves a big bargain on occasions; do please note that intellects know their actual self worth. Firstly, this is my full time career after investing 18 months of background research including a viable business plan. Also I carry forwards up to 23 years of experience working for both the public and private sectors. My fees reflect my passion and high standards towards providing an excellent service. 

Why a combined DTR & Innovation consultancy service?

Freelances / organisations are free to segment niche areas as long as the quality and aptitude remain strong. There is absolutely no rule that you remain very niche specific. I've a strong background in Research, Development & Innovation. Specialist consultancy took more planning as well as original content as it's more objective than coaching. I've been formally coached before and benefited from it. My recent innovative experience builds on a strong consultancy to assist fellow innovators and slightly connects with my coaching wing. Consultancy is more about the commodity than the individual. I've met professionals who started with coaching and added their niche consultancy to it. Both coaching and consultancy can evoke excellence out of professionals seeking positive change. 

What are your current fees?

My fees start from £79 for 1 to 1 fast coaching lasting a total of 1.75 hours including follow ups. My full consultancy package worth £359 works on your innovation project on new product or strategy. This lasts for a total of 7 hours including reviews and updates. Due to COVID 19, my services are currently online. Nevertheless, I offer the highest standard of personalised services.   

What's the 20 minutes free service in either DTR or Innovation?

I offer a no obligation, free online discussion to find out your specific needs so that I can attune my professional services for you. Please check out the Services page. 

What are your qualifications?

My qualifications are BSc (Queen Mary, University of London), MSc (Kingston, London), PhD (Loughborough, Leicestershire) and four supplementary, vocational based life coaching qualifications at diploma level. In-conjunction being qualified, I am CPD active; I'm highly experienced in pragmatic learning and researching novel topics. I strongly believe that we never stop learning. 

Are you a professional Freelancer?

Yes, I'm pleased to transition from a middle ranking innovative scientist to being my own boss. Equally I have a lot of essential experience from a number of reputed firms in the UK including one private tertiary healthcare hospital in India. Every career has its pros and cons but being your own boss allows you to take rapid action on tasks. Also sole proprietorship is interchangeably freelancing in the mobile delivery of a valued service.  Do make sure you are financially sound before changing careers or being your own boss!  

Hours of work

Mon-Fri. 08:00-19:00hrs

Saturday. 09:00-20:00hrs

Open on Bank holidays!

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